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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Which business has a low investment, but very large profits?

 What do you mean by low investment, this is different for everyone. 20000 is a low investment for someone and 200000 is also for someone

 . So please mention the amount.

Ok let’s start, where you can start with 20000 or 200000. I will tell you a story of my friend , how he started with a very low investment and how goes up slowly slowly.

After our graduation we both placed in same company. I was satisfied with my job but he wanted to do some part time business . He always did research what could do with low investment and with less time investment.

After some days he got an idea , idea was very simple, altering and fitting jeans. This is a very normal idea, Everyone was doing then. But he wanted to do it with a professional way as done in shopping malls. Where experts and professionals were appointed.

He wanted to give people good services with perfect finishing.

What he did :

• 1st go to his village and find a good tailor who knows all these work. Appoint him with 10k/monthly with good accommodation.

• send him for a training to a professional(only for jeans)which cost him 10k.

• buy a secondhand tailor sewing machine worth 2k.

• rent a very small house in midtown worth 3k.

• and buy some other stuffs worth 4–5k.

Total investment 10k + 2k + 3k + 5k =20k , excluding salary because that will give him to end of month.

Did some marketing with social media and requested local people to do some mouth marketing.

Every night after job hour he went to shop and did enquries about order and take the money of that day .

After some time that shop was popular in that area because of his work and perfection. his business was running well , his profit was 10k-20k after all expenses.

So what he did again :

• go to village and hire 2 people who knows this work, give them same salary.

• give them training for 20k( for formal pant and shirts).

Slowly slowly people knows about his business and day by day traffic was increasing in that shop. So he thought to do something big.

What he did again :

• hire 17 people who knows this works.

• give them training, but this time training given by their own 3 employees (who worked there before)

• rent a big house there nearby.

• buy 17 more new machines at a time to get some discount and an iron(for perfect look).

Image source : Google

Now a days, they did only altering and fitting of shirts and pants, nothing else. they charge 80/-rs for altering and 120/- for fitting.

Now, he don’t give them any fixed salary, give them 50% of their daily earning.

For example : one employee did 6 alter and 6 fitting. Then total : 80* 6=480/- , 120*6=720. 480+720 = 1200/-rs. So he will give him 600/-rs.

And now that shop manages by the first employee, he manages other 19 employees and collects money from them and register . My friend went to that shop in night and give them their daily payment and took rest.

Let’s calculate, if he earn 600/- rs from one employee daily then . He will get 12000/-rs daily from 20 employees. And 12000*30 = 360000/- monthy.

Due to daily payment , employee don’t need to come regularly, according to this and after giving rent and all other things his monthly income should be 2.5L to 3L, without doing anything.

And now he is planning to start his own manufacturing textile company as he has experienced employees.

Every business can give you money but you have to do it with passion and intelligently. Here, my friend don’t know any work and also don’t give any time but still earn from there.

Note: starting does not matter, how you manage to go up matters.

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