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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

What do we mean by poker staking? Read its meaning and benefits here

Among many card games, Poker is one of the most skilled-based ones. It is a very complex game that requires different strategies to beat the various levels. The game also involves many mathematical computations to figure out the appropriate poker hand or card. Remember, there is no guarantee of winning in poker. But if you play the game tactfully and strategically, the chances of your win will be higher. One popular tactic in a poker game is poker stacking.


Staking in poker is not a new thing. Over the years, for several decades poker stacking and live pool staking have been taking place. This has not just blown up in many tournaments but cash games as well. If you have come across the term poker, you are most likely to hear about poker staking or live staking. When you are staking in poker you don’t directly play the game. Basically, you put up money on a seasoned poker player and if he/she wins you share the profits with the player. Poker staking is very beneficial for both parties if it is rightly done. However, there have been situations where the tactic went terribly wrong.


Here we are going to understand the meaning of poker staking and how this is beneficial to everyone.

Meaning of Poker staking


Also known as Poker Stacking or live poker, it is an arrangement between an investor and a poker player. In the game of poker, an investor is called a backer and a poker player is commonly referred to as a horse. Poker stacking means an investor backing or staking the poker player by providing the horse with a necessary bankroll to take part in various matches and tournaments. And in return, the poker player gets a specified amount of profit.


In poker, stacking a deal is a win-win situation for both investors and players. It happens so because it lowers the financial risk of the players who get stacked in a tournament. Also, it provides a great investment for an investor, who is backing or stacking a poker player. However, this arrangement comes with a clause. Like any other game, there will be some repercussions when a person loses a poker match. Suppose you are a poker player and you lose the matches on behalf of you which an investor was backing of stacking you. Then as per the poker staking or live staking clause, you need to repay all the money, before any profit is split.

Benefits of stacking poker players


In a live staking or poker staking, it is the investor who decides the financial risks on behalf of the horse or poker player. From the perspective of an investor or a backer, stacking a poker player is like investing in a start-up business. In poker staking, the players use the money of the backer to participate in different poker games. In return, the investor provides the poker player with a specific percentage of profit, according to the rules of poker staking or live staking. Thus, it can be said that backing a horse (poker player) is a highly profitable investment. To invest in a poker player you must do comprehensive research and choose an appropriate horse for stacking or backing.

Benefits of getting staked in a poker game


There is no doubt that backing or stacking a poker player is a great opportunity to make profit if you are an investor. But, poker staking can also be beneficial for the horses or poker players. The best thing about getting stacked in poker is that the player doesn’t have to be under the pressure of any financial risk. As mentioned earlier, the financial risks are assumed by the investor, thus, giving the players a chance to focus completely on the game. Also, when someone gets stacked in poker, he/she gets a chance to try a new format of poker. Poker staking also helps poker players to get coaching from their backers. Since the investors put up their money in exchange for profit, they hire professionals to coach their horses. Further, getting stacked in poker helps good poker players who have skills but do not have funds. If an investor backs such a player, he/she can participate in poker matches.

Poker staking deals


Now that you have understood the meaning and benefits of poker staking, you should know the standard deals of poker staking or live staking. The poker staking deals involve a 50-50 profit split ratio with makeup. Remember, that it is the standard poker staking deal. If you have a good reputation as a poker player in the community, you can always negotiate with your backer or investor regarding the profit split ratio.


Poker staking or live staking has been a part of our community for generations. With online gaming platforms like GetMega the process of investing in the horse can be simpler. Also, you can use this platform to contest various poker matches which will help you earn exciting cash rewards. 

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